Fire & EWIS Systems & Maintenance

​RIC Teledata can provide a range of fire protection, emergency warning and intercom system (EWIS) services including design, installation and maintenance of the following:

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    ​Electronic Heat and Smoke Detection Systems;
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    ​Emergency Warning and Evacuation Systems;
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    ​Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus Systems (VESDA Systems);
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    ​Portable Fire Extinguishers; and
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    ​Emergency and Exit Light Systems.

Our staff can program fire systems to call the fire brigade upon a detector being activated, with the activated detectors location being displayed on the Main Fire Panel so that time is not wasted looking for the fire when emergency services arrive. The programming can also include speakers throughout the installation to alert people in the case of an emergency.

RIC Teledata offer fire protection services for all types of facilities, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our service and maintenance for all systems will ensure your compliance with current Australian Standards and also compliance with authorities’ annual certifications if required (E.g. Local Council’s Fire Statements).

At RIC Electrics, we understand that a crucial part of a functioning emergency monitoring system is regular testing and maintenance. Our staff will save you this hassle by managing and maintaining your fire systems at the regular required intervals.

​​For more information on our fire and EWIS systems or
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