Electrical Contracting

​RIC Electrics – Turnkey industrial and commercial electrical contracting services in regional NSW and Northern Victoria

​Whether it’s a small refurb or a multi-million dollar commercial or industrial project, RIC Electrics offers ​clients a complete one-stop electrical contracting service.

For commercial and industrial projects, our service area extends beyond the Riverina to regional NSW and across Northern Victoria. Key service areas include:

​From planning and design to installation and maintenance, RIC Electrics’ experienced teams deliver turnkey projects on time and on budget.

By utilising the full resources of our six Wagga Wagga-based service divisions, we make the entire process seamless and hassle free.

​Reducing your project and running costs powers our business philosophy

​Where RIC Electrics is different is in the way we approach every project, big or small.

When you engage us, we put ourselves in your shoes. Instead of simply taking easy options, we ask ourselves…

  • ​What can we do to deliver superior results?
  • ​What is the most efficient way to achieve them?
  • ​How can we save you money during the project?
  • ​How can we help you to lower future energy bills?

It’s a simple business philosophy, but it’s the way we approach every single job we undertake. It’s the reason RIC Electrics is among regional Australia’s leading electrical contracting firms and why we win awards year after year.

​We had the client counting their chickens…

​That experience has taught us that what might look good on paper doesn’t always work in practice. So, even if you bring us your own plans we will still look for any ways we can save you money.

We might suggest small design changes or recommend substituting a component that will reduce your operating costs. And, with energy costs rising that’s important, right?

For example, when RIC Electrics was invited to quote on installing the electrical system for a large chicken hatchery in Ladysmith (NSW) we quickly saw ways to achieve major energy savings by tweaking the design of the main switchboard and re-positioning a backup generator.

The hatchery owners saved tens of thousands of dollars!

​To find out how we can save you money on your planned or existing industrial or commercial project, call (02) 6926 9000 or