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RIC Security – One-stop CCTV and security solutions to protect your business

Need CCTV or a security system for your commercial or industrial premises? RIC Security are Wagga Wagga’s electronic security specialists, offering a total turnkey solution – professional advice, system design, installation, maintenance and support.

When you choose RIC Security to protect your shop, office, factory, or work site, you get the convenience and peace-of-mind of…

  • check​Expert advice on the CCTV or security system tailored to your needs and budget.
  • check​Warranty-backed equipment and software fully installed and tested.
  • check​Training at your premises.
  • check​Ongoing system maintenance and support.

RIC Security uses only trusted brands to design your security system

​Business owners throughout the Riverina, regional NSW and Northern Victoria have chosen us to protect their staff, stock, equipment, and premises from theft or vandalism.

Why should you choose RIC Security? Because we provide a complete, one-stop service: We will supply, fit and maintain a new CCTV or security system to match your business’s unique requirements from one of the quality brands we recommend and stock, including Inner Range Concept, Tecom Challenger, Hills Reliance, Pacom, and Ness.

RIC Electrics sells Inner Range productsRIC Electrics sells Tecom productsRIC Electrics sells Hills Reliance productsRIC Electrics sells Pacom productsRIC Electrics sells Ness products

​And, as part of our turnkey solution, RIC Security offers you the convenience and peace of mind of round-the-clock access to your security cameras from anywhere in Australia (or overseas) via your PC, smart phone or other mobile device.

What is your security issue?

Do you want to…

  • P​revent shoplifting, employee theft or vandalism?
  • ​Control entry to a building, grounds or worksite?
  • ​Monitor your property?

​Whatever your needs, RIC Security has the solution. Our quality CCTV and security systems tick all the security boxes, providing:

  • check​Whole-of-premises coverage – no blind spots.
  • check​Clear, high-resolution images – even in poor light.
  • check​Immediate response – alerts you or your security service in real time.
  • check​A range of pricing options – there’s a system to suit your budget.

​And, as a member of the Australian Security Industry Association, RIC Security ensures your CCTV or security system complies with privacy laws.

​Enhancing security is a solid business investment

Do you want to…

  • Deter shoplifters. Thieves will target unprotected businesses instead.
  • Monitor staff. Reviewing recorded security video allows you to spot theft by employees. (Security cameras improve your employees’ productivity, too.)
  • Create a safer workplace by surveying the floor for safety risks.
  • Enhance your marketing. New software allows retailers to use CCTV to track and analyse the movement and interactions of customers in your store.

​Your new security solution from RIC Security will save you thousands each year: The peace of mind is priceless.

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