Security and Access Control Systems

​Wagga Wagga’s security experts design, install, and service Access Control Systems

An effective access control system is an essential element of a safe and secure work environment – especially for those workplaces with sensitive areas or the potential for accidents.

Access control allows authorised employees, contractors and visitors to move freely in and out of one or more designated areas, while restricting unauthorised access.

Wagga Wagga-based RIC Security are specialists in the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of integrated access control and security systems. We offer one-stop turnkey solutions to public and private sector clients in throughout the Riverina region, as well as in regional NSW and Northern Victoria.

​​An access control system ​will protect your assets and prevent workplace vandalism or injury.

​RIC Security systems offer a choice of access options

​Whatever level of access control your office or building needs, RIC Security can design, supply, install and maintain a system to protect your property and personnel using:

  • ​Keypads
  • ​Swipe cards or pin codes
  • ​Proximity readers
  • ​Retinal or fingerprint biometric readers

Whether you require a fully networked access control solution or stand-alone control for a single door, RIC Security can design, install and service a system that will reduce the potential for equipment and stock theft, vandalism, or injuries in your workplace.

​Access control systems deliver a host of extra benefits

​Modern access systems do much more than simply control who can go where and when. They offer many additional features, including the ability to:

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    ​Manage the system from one or more PCs or smart devices
  • check
    ​Manage access from one or more location
  • check
    ​Assign or suspend access cards or fobs for staff or visitors
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    ​Temporarily elevate or reduce access privileges and times
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    ​Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks – even vehicles
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    ​Assign high-security dual user access
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    ​Receive and escalate alarms for access violations
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    ​Log and report access breach events and violations
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    ​Manage emergencies with total or selective site lockdowns

​Let us protect your assets with a turnkey access control solution

Whatever your security requirements, budget and workplace environment, RIC Security has the right access control system to safeguard your property, physical assets and personnel.

An RIC Security representative can meet with you on site to assess your premises and provide you with a quote for a turnkey solution that meets your needs and budget.

Alternately, we can work with your architect and project manager to design and install an access control system to suit your plans and specifications. Getting us involved early in the design phase will ensure you get the most efficient and cost-effective security solutions.

​For an on-site quote, call (02) 6926 9000 or